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ADVERTISING – this category is for commercial images used to sell, market, promote or
advertise a product, service, or person(s).
Automotive—featuring motor vehicles of any kind (motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc.)
Beauty—glamour-style portraiture, either artistic or commercial, emphasising a person’s or a
thing’s beauty
Fashion – featuring clothing, other fashion items/accessories, makeup or styling
Food – featuring food/consumables
Product – Images that accurately and attractively represent products for commercial purposes
Other – Advertising or commercial photographs which fall outside the scope of the above

ARCHITECTURE – This category is for architectural photography, buildings or structures, interior
or exterior, cityscapes; pictures of architectural details.
Buildings | Cityscapes | Interiors | Landmarks | Industrial |

NATURE – This category is for photography that displays natural elements such as
Landscapes | Wildlife | Forestry | Agriculture | Sunset

In this category, we ask the photographer to submit both a series of images and a body of text
that tells the story behind the images, promoting or addressing a social cause or national issue.
Jurors will weigh both the text and images equally

EDITORIAL – This category is for images usually meant to accompany text, tell a story, article, or
an idea within the context of a publication, and can cover a wide range of subjects
Environmental | Feature Story/ Photo Essay | General News Personality | Political

EVENT – This category is for pictures depicting occurrences and people at any special event or
Competitive Events | Concerts | Social Gatherings | Weddings | Traditions/Cultures
*Traditional and cultural events can still be submitted under Tradition and Culture category

TRADITION AND CULTURE – Images under this category should capture a traditional Ghanaian
way of life.
Funerals | Festivals | Practices

FINE ART – Pictures that focus on aesthetics; express an idea, a message, or an emotion through
the artistic vision and execution of the photographer
Abstract | Portrait | Still Life | Daily Life | Photo Manipulation | Composites | Nudes

TRAVEL/TOURISM – Images under this category should involve the documentation of an area's
landscape, people, cultures, customs, historic locations and holiday destinations.
Sights & Scenes | Culture | Lifestyle | Portrait | Landscape | Hospitality

SPORTS – This category is for all sports related activities
Courts | Extreme Sports | Field Sports | Water Sports | Motor sports | Track sports

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Entry can be any beautiful picture conveying any subject topic or genre.
Winner of this category will purely be based on public votes.

PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR: Photographer of the year would be selected from among all
category winners.